How do I watch a class?

How do I watch a class?

1. To start an online yoga class, make some space and position your device so that you can comfortably watch from your mat.

2. Navigate to and proceed to sign-in. 

3. After signing in, you will be brought to the catalog view. Here you can see all programs available. 

4. Browse or search for the desired video. In this example, we will select 'Essentials of Arm Balances'. Click on any desired video.

5. After selecting a video, you will be brought to the video player.

You can identify whether you have access by looking at the sessions list.

If you have access, you will see the play '▶︎' symbol next to all the sessions. See below:

If you do not have access, you will see a padlock symbol next to the sessions. See below:


6. Depending on whether you have an ALL-ACCESS membership or not, you will be able to either directly play the chosen program, or you may have to pruchase an ALL-ACCESS Membership (3, 6 or 12 months) first. This will give you unlimited access to all of TINT's premium content.

We hope you enjoy our premium Yoga content! Namasté!

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