Is there a test at the end?

Is there a test at the end?

After you’ve completed all 4 modules, you can take the online exam to prove your knowledge and, upon successful completion, receive your certificate.

The exam is divided into two parts: a multiple-choice test and a practical part. 

The multiple-choice test will be an online quiz, which you can take at any time after you have completed the sessions of the last training module.

Upon successful completion of the theoretical part, you will be admitted to the practical part where you will have to submit a video of you teaching. Please submit your video before the Final Live Event. 

After you have passed both parts of the exam, we will send you your certificate.
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    • Do I have to pass an exam at the end of the course?

      If you want to receive a certificate, then yes. Each Academy product includes both a multiple-choice test and the submission of a video. You can find the detailed exam instructions for each Academy product under the resources tab of the product ...
    • Can I attend the training even if I don’t want to become a certified yoga teacher?

      Of course, you can also take part if you only want to deepen your yoga practice and increase your knowledge and understanding of yoga, anatomy, and body in general. In case you don’t want to receive a certificate in the end, you don’t need to ...
    • Are the courses also available in other languages?

      For now, our Academy products are only available in English. Except for the Inside Flow Fundamentals Teacher Training - which is also available in German language -> Inside Flow Grundausbildung. However, you are welcome to submit your exam video in ...
    • What does “Guided Training” mean?

      The Guided Training is available twice per year and is marked by a joint start and end date of the training – just like any offline yoga teacher training. We will start with an introduction and finish with the exam and a closing ceremony – all online ...
    • What does online mean? How’s the training delivered?

      This online teacher training is delivered in a similar way as other online courses which you may know from websites like Udemy. Each module is segmented into different sessions with a specific topic. At the end of each session, you’ll have the ...