What does a TINT membership include?

What does a TINT membership include?

You have three different membership options, each depending on how much you would to commit to your individual journey to personal fulfillment and success. How much are you willing to invest in yourself and your personal growth? 

The TINT membership includes:
  • Unlimited Access to TINT Yoga On-Demand Content (and All the Benefits Yoga Brings) Including Over 300 Classes, 45 Series and 20 Different Yoga Categories.  
  • Weekly Live Classes With a Monthly Focus Topic.
  • TINT of the Days – Short, Inspirational Videos With a Daily Practice Opportunity for You. This Can Be Anything From a Yoga or Meditation Practice, a Quote or a Recommendation from Our TINT Instructors.
  • Access to Exclusive Live Quarterly Community Events.
  • New Content and Videos Every Month From Different TINT Instructors.
  • Practice Anywhere With the TINT App On Your Smartphone.
  • Full HD Streaming Capabilities.
  • Multi-Device Compatibility.
  • A Kind Support Team That Has Your Back Regarding Any Questions. 
  • Cancel Anytime.

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    • If I cancel my membership, do I still have access to the programs I previously purchased?

      If you cancel your membership but have purchased individual programs like the TINT Academy programs, then you will still have access to these programs.  In order to access these programs, use your log-in details under which you registered for TINT.  ...
    • Which payment methods does TINT accept?

      Currently TINT accepts various credit card payments (VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, DISCOVER, and AMEX) in addition to PayPal.  
    • How do I reset my password?

      In case you have forgotten your TINT password, you can reset it without being logged in. You will only need access to the e-mail that has been used to register your account. 1. In order to reset your password, navigate to the sign-in page. Click ...
    • Are there any other languages available?

      While the website will remain in English for the foreseeable future, a number of programs are also available in German. Additionally, to see all programs of a certain language, you can use the filter function: After navigating to the catalog page, ...
    • What do the different perspectives in the program description mean?

      As you may have noticed, each series and class has a detailed description that is further divided into three perspectives: Body perspective Emotional perspective Teaching perspective Now, what do the individual perspectives tell you?