What does online mean? How’s the training delivered?

What does online mean? How’s the training delivered?

This online teacher training is delivered in a similar way as other online courses which you may know from websites like Udemy. Each module is segmented into different sessions with a specific topic. At the end of each session, you’ll have the opportunity to review the key points by way of small quizzes, which will also be accessible online. 

You can watch the individual sessions as often as you like, pausing or rewinding the videos as needed.

Furthermore, you will be able to attend Live Classes with Young Ho Kim and other teachers. These will consist of practice sessions, Q&A sessions and get togethers with the group. 

The training is also accompanied by an extensive workbook that helps you to review and assimilate the contents of the video sessions. It also includes exercises and self-reflection questions to support your learning experience. You can find it under the tab "Resources".
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    • Is the online yoga teacher training more expensive than an offline yoga teacher training?

      Well, of course it’s hard to make a general statement here. However, usually an offline 200-hour yoga teacher training costs around $4000-$4200. This means that you actually save money with the online teacher training.  Plus, you also save travelling ...
    • What does “Guided Training” mean?

      The Guided Training is available twice per year and is marked by a joint start and end date of the training – just like any offline yoga teacher training. We will start with an introduction and finish with the exam and a closing ceremony – all online ...
    • How do I manage the training in addition to my work and/or family life?

      A 200-hour training, as the name suggests, roughly has a workload of 200 hours. In case of the Inside Yoga Teacher Training, we estimate a workload of around 55 hours for each of the first 3 modules, and a workload of around 35 hours for the last ...
    • Is this training Yoga-Alliance certified?

      This training is first and foremost Inside Yoga and TINT certified. With Inside Yoga, we have one of the biggest and most renowned yoga schools as a partner for this training.  We need to check for each training if it’s Yoga Alliance certified ...
    • Do I have any disadvantages compared to an offline yoga teacher training?

      Of course, online teacher training has its limitations, but we do our best to provide you with the benefits of both worlds. This means that you can learn, train and study from the comfort of your home, saving not only travelling time but also ...